321 Martin Luther King Junior Drive

Greensboro NC

We offer hot and fresh breakfast selections such as home-made muffins, hot breakfast sandwiches, French toast, omelets, pancakes and bagels. Our coffee for espressos and flavored lattes is brought in from local roasters in order to guarantee freshness.

Our new lunch menu consists of healthy meals, made from fresh and natural ingredients. We have fresh & healthy salads made with spinach or romaine lettuce, home-made chicken salad on croissants, home-made dressings and sauces and some vegetarian options.

In addition we offer hot meals such as Mexican Fajitas, tamales, lasagna, sandwiches, paninis, hot pastas and fruit smoothies. For dessert, we have treats such as Home-made granola, fruit parfaits, Key-lime bars, cheesecake, brownies and a variety of cookies.

Additional Info:


  • Catering
  • Boxed Lunches
  • Patio
  • Small grocery items
  • Dairy products
  • Ground Coffee by the pound
  • Beer & Wine Selections
  • Family pick-up catering
  • Home-baked Desserts
  • Birthday Cakes
  • Holiday Baked Desserts (wholesale)
  • Menu Consulting
Business Hours:
We're open Monday- Thursday from 8am til 4:30pm, Fridays 8am-5:30pm. On Saturdays from 8am to 3pm.